Friday, April 23, 2010

First time for everything

It has been a long time coming,
but I finally did it,
I finally drove to Saskatoon.
It was my first trip to the toon,
and now I can't figure out why
it took me so long to get there.

It was a great weekend as far as weather goes too, which may have added to the greatness I attribute to Saskatoon, because it was the first hot weekend of the year. And I love all things hot:

So the fact that the sun was hot and shining and we did such things as played soccer and football, went to a walk-in DQ, and had a bbq while lounging and tanning on the balcony... definitely contributed to my love of the weekend and my first time in Saskatoon.

Another first occurred Friday afternoon.
I was Trent's patient.

Even after being a clinical teacher for the U of A's 2nd year dental students and knowing how chaotic it is and how little they know - I still got in the chair.
Trent is brilliant though, so I really wasn't afraid.
And I put a lot of trust in the fact that he kinda likes me and would therefore do his very best and try very hard not to hurt me - especially because he knows I know what he's doing.

It was a great afternoon. We even made friends with the middle-aged dental hygienist who didn't used to like Trent because she thought he was a slacker and didn't respect dental hygienists. Turns out, once she knew he was dating one, all the wrath melted away and she became very friendly and ended up finding some burnished calculus on the mesial of my 33 (that's a shout out to my dentally inclined friends - sorry to the rest of you) and got rid of it for me and my papilla was already looking much better even by Sunday.

We went 5 pin bowling Friday night with a great crew and had a friendly competition between couples (dating or strangers, we paired everyone up) and Trent and I totally dominated. But that wasn't a first :)

Side story: I was totally kicking Trent's butt (because yes I was secretly competing with my partner) the entire first game, right up to the final frame. Somehow in that 10th frame he managed to not only catch up, but beat me. Seriously?! I was so frustrated and shocked. I had been schooling him. I don't know how he managed to pull out that win. Dang luck.

So Saskatoon isn't that bad, I really quite liked it even. Okay I loved it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Colourful Night

Not a lot of pics because I was a little pre-occupied, but it was a good night.

I love a lot of things and a good reason to dress up is one of them; be it costume or ball gown, I'll take it. So I didn't quite have a ball gown on hand... but some girls did.

We had a great committee put together, how I got made co-chair is beyond me.

Lindsay was in charge of decorations and she is brilliant. She came to our second meeting with full sketches of how the gym would look. And it looked good. Even in sketch form. Several exhausting hours later and 12 too many trips up and down the giant ladder, the gym started to look like the sketches.

Full with red carpet and piano man at the entrance (I just don't have a pic of the piano man because I actually never had a chance to go out to the entrance night of... kinda sad really - hope it was grand)

Why didn't I ever get to see the entrance? Well as it turns out being made co-chair turned into being made co-mc.

But don't worry, busy as the night was, there is always time for a little photo opp...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It would seem wrong not to acknowledge


Need I really say more?
You know.
We are united in our love of Degrassi meets Highschool Musical drama and music and scandals.
The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here.
T - 2.5 hours

Monday, April 12, 2010


My family loves traditions. Like, move over Tevye the Frache's are in town and they LOVE tradition! Why do we do what we do? "Tradition!"

As such, it being Easter weekend last weekend, what do the Frache's do? Dye eggs at grandma's and hunt for them the next day before easter dinner! These things are a given. Why? Tradition!

Dying easter eggs is so much fun. I wish I did it more than once a year. But perhaps then I wouldn't love it as much.

I love family, holidays, and yes - traditions!

Name's on the list but face is a blank

It has been brought to my attention that it has been much too long since the castle's last blog entry. Where have I been you ask? Funny, my bishop is wondering the same thing. I finally got a phone call today saying that the bishop wants to meet with me. I moved into Millcreek at the beginning of December. I have never met the bishop. We are strangers to each other. Now don't go thinking I'm innactive. I am very active. Ask Bishop Willoughby. He has seen me more Sundays since Christmas break than my own bishop.

You see, I have been MIA from Edmonton weekends 9 out of 12 Sundays since Christmas. I plead innocence though. I can't help that all of my friends decided to get married in February and March this year. Or that Michelle decided it'd be cool to spend a month in the hospital, causing me such anxiety that I simply had to go down and take her outside because she hadn't felt the sun in 2 weeks by the time I came to her relief!

I think I've had perfectly reasonable explanations for my absenteeism.

The only unfortunate thing is that I don't really foresee my attendance record in Millcreek improving any time soon... for example I'm going to Saskatoon this weekend so count me out once again (though last time I was at church, my name still wasn't on the attendance record so hey they can't be missing me that much). But it only conitues from there: I'll be going down to Lethbridge to play with Kortney before she gets married; she's getting married; you can count on a couple more sask trips; then it's summer and I hope everyone knows where my priority location is in the summer; and I'm going to Europe for a month June 23 - July 22. So as you can see... despite the fact that I have a career and really do spend plenty of time in Edmonton... my bishop may never know that... but now you do.

My apologies for the lack of update (Michelle et al.) but I was busy running around trying to make everyone happy. Happy now?

Monday, March 8, 2010

I am an Olympian!

So while the internet has been on the fritz here at the castle, I've been off making spontaneous decisions. Like the one I made to go to the Olympics. Yep. Just up and bought a plane ticket and flew out a couple days later. Just because I could. And I wanted to. So from talking to Trent Monday night, to buying the plane ticket Tuesday and flying out Thursday, I randomly found myself at the Russia vs.Slovakia hockey game Thursday night. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

Trent had bought us "reduced visibility tickets." We weren't entirely sure what that really meant and there was no way of knowing what would be reducing our visibility until we arrived. We were in row 5, in the corner, we had a great view of the ice.

We were so close we could feel the body checks.

Trent and I had no idea what our obstruction supposedly was... until the game really got going...
I love Russian fans.

And they loved me.

Lauren told me to do something epic while at the Olympics. Like kiss in an epic moment or place or while doing something epic. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do to fulfill this request. Especially because I'm not really one for PDA.
Then the kiss-cam hit Trent and I during first intermission. I've never been on a kiss cam before (to my relief) and out of the 18,630 people in that arena, what were the odds? I think it was an epic first. So Lauren, you are welcome. I'm pretty much an Olympian, I mean, I was Olympic kiss-cammed, be serious! Epic.

Such a good game. So much fun. So glad I came.

We also got to go to the Sweden vs. Belarus and Germany vs. Belarus games. So great. I love Eastern Europeans. They make the best fans.

Here's our little Olympic crew.

It was such a good trip, such a good time. The streets were packed and crazy at all hours of the day; we trekked all over trying to decide where to eat and ended up in east hastings by the end of the night; the weather was gorgeous (who goes to the WINTER olympics and wears a t-shirt?); Trent, Kris and I (but mostly Kris) are deliberately in the background of so many tourist's photos; got tickets beside each other but separated by a pole; made friends on the sky train... So many good stories, so many good times. But long story short.

I'm pretty much an Olympian. I held the torch.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why i love my roommates. (part one)

dearest cathy left me a cupcake and this note yesterday.
i devoured the adorable cupcake far too quickly to get a photo,
but seriously people.
this is why i love my roommate.


dear cathy,
you're wonderful.