Monday, April 12, 2010

Name's on the list but face is a blank

It has been brought to my attention that it has been much too long since the castle's last blog entry. Where have I been you ask? Funny, my bishop is wondering the same thing. I finally got a phone call today saying that the bishop wants to meet with me. I moved into Millcreek at the beginning of December. I have never met the bishop. We are strangers to each other. Now don't go thinking I'm innactive. I am very active. Ask Bishop Willoughby. He has seen me more Sundays since Christmas break than my own bishop.

You see, I have been MIA from Edmonton weekends 9 out of 12 Sundays since Christmas. I plead innocence though. I can't help that all of my friends decided to get married in February and March this year. Or that Michelle decided it'd be cool to spend a month in the hospital, causing me such anxiety that I simply had to go down and take her outside because she hadn't felt the sun in 2 weeks by the time I came to her relief!

I think I've had perfectly reasonable explanations for my absenteeism.

The only unfortunate thing is that I don't really foresee my attendance record in Millcreek improving any time soon... for example I'm going to Saskatoon this weekend so count me out once again (though last time I was at church, my name still wasn't on the attendance record so hey they can't be missing me that much). But it only conitues from there: I'll be going down to Lethbridge to play with Kortney before she gets married; she's getting married; you can count on a couple more sask trips; then it's summer and I hope everyone knows where my priority location is in the summer; and I'm going to Europe for a month June 23 - July 22. So as you can see... despite the fact that I have a career and really do spend plenty of time in Edmonton... my bishop may never know that... but now you do.

My apologies for the lack of update (Michelle et al.) but I was busy running around trying to make everyone happy. Happy now?


  1. haha! yes Happy now! And happy that you were busy doing stuff with me much of the time you were too busy to blog! thanks! Love you!

  2. As it turns out... Yes... yes I am.

  3. I'm a gypsy of my own sorts scott.