Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why i love my roommates. (part one)

dearest cathy left me a cupcake and this note yesterday.
i devoured the adorable cupcake far too quickly to get a photo,
but seriously people.
this is why i love my roommate.


dear cathy,
you're wonderful.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

now, lets get one thing straight...

....are these guys?
because i would consider dating the one with the handlebar mustache. 

we've watched it at least 37 times today.
try not to.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What, what you looking at?


Starers come in many shapes and sizes... but they come nonetheless.

Over the past two days I have experienced three different types of starers:

1) The Obvious Starer
The Obvious Starer is someone who just blatantly stares and never tries to hide it. Obviously. Allow me to introduce you to exhibit A: my patient yesterday just sat and stared up at my eyes the entire appointment. Do you know how awkward it is to sit there, and know that someone is making eye contact with you, but you're not making eye contact with them? So awkward.

2) The Sneaky Starer
Where the Obvious Starer had no discretion, the Sneaky Starer has a covert plan to be able to stare - which is almost more creepy. Exhibit B is another patient who I had seen once last week, but needed to come in for a second appointment. Last week he just wore the clear safety glasses because he didn't care about the light. This week he brought his own sunglasses to wear to block the light. Funny, last week the light didn't seem to bother you at all sir... I soon discovered his purpose. Although the glasses block the light from his eyes, they do not block his eyes from being seen. With the bright light shining down, Sneaky Starer was still busted.

3) The Stalker Starer
This is a completely different kind of starer. You can feel this gaze even when you're not looking, but when you look - still staring! Some Stalker Starers have decency enough to avert their eyes quickly when the person they are staring at looks their way. Not exhibit C. This crew is literally just that - a crew. The construction crew outside my room at work. The building next door is under construction and they're re-doing the outside. I have a giant window that makes up that entire side wall. They all stare. And I always bust them. And they never look away. I bust them in my peripherals all the time and have given up looking back because it doesn't change a thing. Awkward, creepy Stalker Starers.

sweet dreams

i just barely opened my eyes to the real world, waking from a dream that was, by far, the greatest of all my dreams of the past few weeks. (if you want to know more, talk to me. ha.)
i'm almost tempted to keep the events of the dream just between me and the other members of the castle, selfishly hoarding all of the pleasantries to ourselves. however, simply because i know how much a number of you would enjoy this, i will share. (dang. you're lucky i passed kindergarten and learned how to do so.)


in my dream,

mark sailing (aka. puck, from glee) was mormon.

he was in my ward.

he was also in med school.

oh, and, did i mention, he was my boyfriend?


best. dream. of. my. LIFE.


i imagine he would sing "sweet caroline" to me daily, 
and we would become some sort of family band after a lengthy courtship 
and four-month engagement 
and a temple wedding sometime in the fall. 

don't even lie to me and tell me you don't think he's hot...
even if you are a finn fan...


i hope i continue to have dreams that are just as beautiful.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Money in the Bank

So tonight at waterpolo I just wanted to keep throwing out ridiculous phrases whenever my team did something great. Phrases like:
- It must be payday, because that was money in the bank!
- When it rains, it pours, and it looks like there's a storm comin!
- Someone hand that boy a towel, because he's just been un-dressed!

I managed to keep them to myself, especially when Mike Bennett scored our first goal and all I wanted to say was, "Man, you just got scored on by a BLIND boy! How DOES that make you feel?!" I behaved myself, though. But for some reason the lines just kept coming to mind.

Perhaps because today I DID put money in the bank. Which is where that first line came from... right off the top of my head - yep, ridiculous just comes that natural to me.
Anyways, Melissa, this one's for you:


Confident, Not Cocky

Apparently the gauntlet has been thrown down. I have picked it up and kindly returned it to the clumsy girls who dropped it. Who might those girls be, you ask? None other than Bonnie and Melissa. The "friendly" competition between North and South has been set. The perimeters? Who can log the most gym hours between team Bonnissa and team Brittathy. Ironic that it also happens to be blondes vs. brunnettes - it just kinda happened that way. There's a cap set for each day of 2 hours per person so that no one gets any crazy-hardcore-hospitalize-themself ideas. It's probably for my own good.

Now two hours may seem like a long time to spend at the gym to the untrained reader. Don't be fooled. Two hours may easily be spent when you do 30 min bike, 30 min free-weights for arms, 30 min weights for legs, and a final 30 min bike/treadmill. Which is exactly what Bonnie and I did every day last week.

Today was Day 1 of the challenge and Bonnie and Melissa successfully logged their 2 hours together. Brittney and I had a bit different day.(PS. Brittney is my teammate and the inspiration for the entire operation. And may the record show, Brittney started her own self-competition first, I joined and then brought Bonnie with me when she got back from Dubai. So Bonnie and Melissa - you're welcome.) Mine and Brittney's schedules did not match up today. So not only did we each log two hours, but they were done with our own individual motivation to boot. And let me tell ya, I'm re-thinking the two hour cap because I worked out and then played waterpolo... I coulda logged 3 hours easy today. There weren't even any girl subs so it was a legit hour workout in that pool and one of the toughest games my team has played yet.

Dear Bonnissa, I think you dropped something? I hope it wasn't an accident. Don't you know the North always wins?