Monday, February 1, 2010

Confident, Not Cocky

Apparently the gauntlet has been thrown down. I have picked it up and kindly returned it to the clumsy girls who dropped it. Who might those girls be, you ask? None other than Bonnie and Melissa. The "friendly" competition between North and South has been set. The perimeters? Who can log the most gym hours between team Bonnissa and team Brittathy. Ironic that it also happens to be blondes vs. brunnettes - it just kinda happened that way. There's a cap set for each day of 2 hours per person so that no one gets any crazy-hardcore-hospitalize-themself ideas. It's probably for my own good.

Now two hours may seem like a long time to spend at the gym to the untrained reader. Don't be fooled. Two hours may easily be spent when you do 30 min bike, 30 min free-weights for arms, 30 min weights for legs, and a final 30 min bike/treadmill. Which is exactly what Bonnie and I did every day last week.

Today was Day 1 of the challenge and Bonnie and Melissa successfully logged their 2 hours together. Brittney and I had a bit different day.(PS. Brittney is my teammate and the inspiration for the entire operation. And may the record show, Brittney started her own self-competition first, I joined and then brought Bonnie with me when she got back from Dubai. So Bonnie and Melissa - you're welcome.) Mine and Brittney's schedules did not match up today. So not only did we each log two hours, but they were done with our own individual motivation to boot. And let me tell ya, I'm re-thinking the two hour cap because I worked out and then played waterpolo... I coulda logged 3 hours easy today. There weren't even any girl subs so it was a legit hour workout in that pool and one of the toughest games my team has played yet.

Dear Bonnissa, I think you dropped something? I hope it wasn't an accident. Don't you know the North always wins?


  1. BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH... I'm gonna have to say you are leaning towards cocky my friend... Also we need to go over the banking rules... I was under the impression twas not allowed.. Confirm or deny?

  2. You mean banking, like going extra one day and less the next day and calling it even?

  3. Ya... I thought that defeated the purpose of the two hour a day limit?