Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something to say for irony...

So as it turns out, I love to build epic caves.
First one: snow.
Second one: sheets.

I have discovered the link in my fort building: Jeff Spackman. He's the only one that was present for both.

Last weekend, the greatest fort of all time was constructed. It's a good thing I had JUST bought new sheets, so that we had enough to construct this wonderful monstrosity.

It took some serious contemplation and arranging, but once we took a second to think about it - badda boom, badda bing!

The most brilliant idea was using the nest to heighten the roof.
(Mind you, some of the construction pics are from the expansion we did the next night)

This is the original fort crew...

But there were plenty more good times to be had in the fort...

There may have been a lot of roommate bonding in the fort. It really brought us together. We may have had a few roommate sleepovers over the course of the week...
but sadly, it came down today, 9 days later.

I think I'm going to build a fort in my bedroom next.


  1. oh .. how amazing .. reminds me of old days .. when i was a child I used to build tents all over the house ..

  2. oh PLEASE build a fort in your bedroom!
    i miss the living room fort SO MUCH.