Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can't keep me away

Yep. Back to Waterton. This is expedition #2 in the period of 6 days. Someone once said that they think the main thing that makes Waterton so great is the people you're with. I may agree with that to an extent. But only because I love people who love Waterton, thus we have wonderful times loving Waterton together.

But for me there is so much more to love about Waterton than simply the people I spend time with while I'm there.
It's a breath of fresh air.
It's an escape from the rest of the world.
It's a glimpse of God's masterpiece.
It's a place of endless adventures and yet it's a place where sitting around doing nothing is just as enjoyable.
It's my backyard. My childhood. My memories.
It's where I've been happiest.

So about those endless adventures...
On Monday's agenda:

1) Escaping the crazy wind downtown by heading up Cameron road and snowshoeing in to the lake.

Perhaps not the brightest thing for Cody and I to attempt on sprained ankles, but Cody was in a lot more pain than I was... we all kinda felt bad dragging him up - but let's be serious, we didn't have to drag, Cody was all in. The plan worked brilliantly, no wind, and the lake was gorgeous.

2) At the lake there was plenty of tackling...


snowshoe racing...

and of course - plenty of picture taking!

The Crew.

The Girls.

Melissa bent Josh's ski pole during amid one of the many tackle piles.

(And ridiculous antics from scott. Perfect timing though, I'm not even mad... I am impressed.)

Three cliques of one.

In memory of our institute crew... I'll miss us.

I am SO short! Oh Dan, my friendly giant friend.

The Guys.

3) We all headed back to Leishman's cabin for some wonderful dinner, compliments of Mamma Leish (and some laughing at other ridiculous antics and outfits).

Dan is always so stylish...

And then we realized him and Bonnie matched...

They had a moment.

4) The night ended with a nice hot tub and swim at the lodge (while a little cuddlefest went down at the cabin... but that's not my story to tell).

And that's the end of another glorious day in Wateron.

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