Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just can't stop the beat.

So the whole eat, sleep, party, repeat mantra of my life hasn't stopped. I'm back in Edmonton and the good times just keep rolling.

Maybe it's because I'm just that kinda girl.
Maybe it's because I'm not in school and I don't have a job.
Maybe it's because it's Frost Week.

First: I love dancing.

Second: I love friends who rearrange schedules so they can come be my friend.

Third: I love onesies. And I love skating. Put them together and I love watching.

Fourth: I love flying.

Fifth: I love being random. and I love making people laugh - which this did.

Sixth: I love being tall enough to ride the rides. Love.

Seventh: I love being a third wheel.

Eighth: I love rides.

Ninth: I love starting a trend.

Tenth: I love candids. (Willie). I also love my roommates.

In short. I love life.


  1. best post.
    i love lists.
    and photos.
    you incorporated both.

    also. willie.
    i'm REALLY glad we captured that...

  2. So we're cute. Really cute. The End.