Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Or perhaps just call me Working Woman

This is me.
Today was my first day of work.
It's official.
I am a working woman.

So the hygienist I am taking over for went into labour Sunday. Yep. The office found out about this Monday. Due to my broken phone and lack of being at home yesterday, Lauren wasn't able to track me down for the receptionist until about 3:00pm. I called and they said they had already cancelled all of Monday.
I now start Tuesday at 9am.
I was not ready.
I had been counting on going in Tuesday morning and just shadowing the hygienist for a couple appointments just so I could see how she did everything so that if I had questions about something she had written or done I could ask her before she wasn't around. Too late. I was counting on having two more days to brace myself and recondition my body to go to bed at a decent hour and wake up earlier than 10am. Too late. So I tried to find my cheat sheets and notes. Couldn't. So I re-wrote my anesthetic and x-ray cheat sheets and read my scriptures and said my prayers and tried to go to sleep at 10:30, but that didn't happen. I'm not sure when I fell asleep, but it was after 11:30 I'm sure. Oh well.
I gave myself plenty of time in the morning to get ready and eat and get there. 20 min early. Perfect. And then the day unfolded as thus:
Patient - Cancellation - Patient - Lunch - Patient - 30 min lag - Patient - Quittin time!
So it was a good day to break myself in a little. I don't like feeling not good at this. But it will come. And I didn't have to take any x-rays today. They too will come. (and when they do they will slow me down and take away from my precious time...)
Well just like I read in my Christmas present from Melissa, "Oh, Lord, I am yet strong. Give me one more mountain." Bring it on. Good big or go home.
(I can talk big now, but last night and this morning I was not near as confident, though don't be fooled - I'm still not.)


Afraid. Nervous. Anxious.

I could not even fake a smile. I was so nervous.


It was a good first day.
Tomorrow may be another story.


  1. My name is Melissa and this post makes me very proud. You are 1. Really cute in your scrubs. 2. Kinda cute when nervous. 3. Amazing and will do great. Good work team!

  2. Also FYI you made it onto Sheila's blog list. This is another proud moment.

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!! I love that I made the list. That was always the worst feeling; going to school the next day and walking up to that cursed paper on the wall outside the gym, just praying your name was on the list. Oh junior high...
    PS. can you see how badly I was chewing my lip for the past 24 hours?