Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally, it's New Years

Better late than never right? I didn't have my camera for some devastating and simple reason so it took some time to get the pics from New Years. But it was such an epic party that it needs to be shared.

Let's just start by saying, we know how to throw a party. And by "we" I mean Bonnie, Cody, Melissa, Janessa, Scott, and I. And ultimately the hosting skills of Bonnie and Cody are fantastic.

Place: Waterton
Time: 12pm Dec. 31, 2009 - 12pm Jan. 1, 2010
Invited: Good friends only
Cabins involved:
Pollock - food cabin
Steed - dance party and games
Leishman - reserved girl sleeping (AKA me, Bonnie, Melissa, Raquel, and Jessica)
1) Lunch
2) Dig most epic snow cave of all time
3) Dinner
4) Swimming
5) Dance Party
6) Fireworks
7) Games (Namely kissing rugby, stacks, and highlight/lowlight of 2009)
8) Fall asleep to movie and warm fire at Bonnie's
9) Delicious breakfast
10) Chilling in the snowcave and spontaneous snowball fight

Only one word can describe the awesomeness of those 24 hours: epic.

We've arrived and we are SO ready to get this party started. We're bundled and ready to do some serious playing/digging in the snow.

Cody and I have wicked sweet snow pants. Let's do this.

And dig we did.

For hours. Literally.

We had four entrances that we then expanded and connected into one giant cave. In my section, I assumed position inside with a small shovel, pushing back the walls and clearing out the snow chunks from Logan, who was very effectively digging out the side wall to connect up with Cody and Jeff's side (who were also digging machines), and poor Janessa was a trouper, outside the entrance of my section, she kept clearing and clearing, but the snow chunks just kept coming.

Here's the thing about digging a snow cave: There is always more snow to clear, more ridges to chip off, farther to dig. But in the end, when we finally decided to end, the cave was around 40-50 feet long, 6-8 feet wide, and 3-4 feet high. No joke. Epic.

Needless to say, I was fairly exhausted after digging for close to 5 hours straight... Though my eyes were, in fact, supposed to be open for this pic...

The dance party was great fun, though the perma-strobe light and hardcore rave music was a bit much after, let's be honest, 5 minutes. I love dancing, but I would have preferred starting up the dancing game - I adore the dancing game.

For some reason, the spontaneous snow fight the next morning was waged against Bonnie. And Bonnie alone.

I think she took it... rather well.

Best new years ever.
Best birthday ever.
Best party ever.
Best friends ever.

I know this word was thrown around a lot over Christmas break, but really... new year's was epic.

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