Monday, January 18, 2010

so close yet so far

This is the story of the immoveable couch.

Nikki offered us an old couch that she wasn't using and was just sitting in her sister's garage. Of course we accepted because we accept all couches, loveseats, and arm chairs we can get our hands on. This couch in particular is intended for our basement that I spent an afternoon clearing out so that we can pimp that space. I figure if you're going to have plenty of space, you might as well make the most of it.

Darren was kind enough to lend his services and truck so the two of us went over to pick up the couch. To my pleasant surprise a matching armchair was thrown in. Back at the house, the armchair made it in the side door and downstairs easily - obviously. And then we tried to bring the couch in. Tried being the key word. Dang old house with narrow stairwells, sharp corners, and sloped ceiling. Darren and I tried in vain for 45 minutes, pushing, pulling, lifting, kicking, and sheer forcing it. To no avail. We got it repeatedly wedged very tightly on every side and just inches away from in. It was immoveable. So frustrating. We were SO close, so many times and it looked like we should be able to just tweek it and drop it down the stairs. Such was not the case. And I had to run away to meet with my new boss... I felt bad leaving Darren there alone... but I couldn't stand up my new employer - that's just a bad idea. When I came back 45 min later, Trevor and Jason had come to help Darren get the couch back out - because we had successfully gotten it stuck neither in nor out. So it was now successfully back outside... unfortunately. Trevor thought we could get it downstairs fairly simply; he just had to go through the same thought process and experience that Darren and I already had. He soon realized the couch was simply just that much too big. Disappointing. So it's now in our study. We'll see what becomes of the immoveable couch. It may never move from this spot.

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