Sunday, January 17, 2010

the Cooking Corner... make that the Uncooked Corner

It's the inaugural use of my Vitamix! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the greatest present I have ever received! I love my parents. This blender can do it all: grind grains, make smoothies, soup, ice cream, and knead bread dough! Last summer I stood and listened to and watched the Vitamix guy at the stampede for like 30 minutes straight. I sampled soup, ice cream, and smoothie all in that 30 minutes. Seriously so great. My mother knows how much I love this machine. So she bought one for me for my birthday/graduation present. I have never been so surprised or thrilled by a present in my life.

So the other day we busted it out and made the first smoothie...

Just look how delicious this is going to be. And the wonder of the vitamix is you can put vegetables in your smoothies and ice and not even tell they're there because you can put so much whole fruit in too!

Let's do this.

So delicious.

We now make smoothies daily.


  1. add a little golden flax up in there and then thank me later...
    You are spoiled with that Vitamix I see!

  2. Ashley, funny you should say that, we totally added flax and wheat germ. Just didn't mention it. Thank you!