Saturday, January 30, 2010


So my dear friend and fellow blogger, Brittney, started a weight loss challenge for herself. She is highly motivated and determined to get into shape. All it took was reading one blog post from her to get my butt back into gear. I used to run almost every day last semester, but ever since I moved to the castle, I haven't been running. Now that I'm working though, I come home from work and what else am I supposed to do? So Bonnie and I have joined Brittney in her exercise regime.

Ironically enough, Bonnie had never stepped foot into the UofA gym until this week - after she had graduated with her degree. But since stepping foot on Tuesday, Bonnie and I are 5 for 5 days. We're hardcore like that. And the shortest amount of time we've spent is 1 hour; we usually average about 2 hours. We're hardcore like that.

I am loving it. I love pushing myself and working hard and feeling dead, but so good after. Usually in the past I haven't lifted weights, I'm a cardio kind of exerciser, but we're doing the full package deal and it's great. I'm actually really excited to get my arms into shape because my legs are always in better shape than my arms. Bonnie is loving it, too. Hopefully we can keep this up. Not gonna lie, my body is so grateful that tomorrow is the Sabbath. The day of rest.


  1. Oh you are so hardcore. Scares me a little. But I do love when it hurts so good.

  2. Pick me!
    I am all over this when I get back.
    I am unemployed and have nothing better to do with my life.
    PS- way to drop out of the bum club Cathy and actually get a job...