Monday, January 18, 2010

Just call me Lady Luck

Day 1: Write resume and cover letter.
Day 2: Google and go through 900 dentists in Edmonton and pick out the 50 closest to my house.
Day 3: Print, staple, and sign resumes and plan route of attack for taking out resumes.
Day 4: Spend 3 hours dropping off resumes. 15 min after dropping one off at an office, the receptionist calls back to schedule an interview.
"When could you come back in for an interview?" she asks.
"Now! I can come back right now! I'm not that far I'll be there in less than 5 min!" I think. But of course I keep my composure and simply say, "Oh whenever is convenient for you. I can come back anytime today, or tomorrow. Whatever works for you."
"Alright, let's see, how about noon tomorrow?"
"Sounds great, I'll see you then. Thank you so much." I reply, while thinking, "Perrrrrrfect. I can sleep in and still have time to shower and get ready!"
I hang up the phone and cannot stop smiling. SO happy. I cannot even believe how happy. I screamed and whooped and celebrated for a solid 15 min. And played my music really loudly. But I told myself I should finish handing out my resumes to my listed offices because an interview does not mean a job. So I did. But I was thrilled and didn't really care about those last 10 offices very much.
Day 5: Interview. The dentist is really nice and the interview was short. He essentially just wanted to know when I was available, what kind of hours I was looking for, what days, and for how much. All questions I could easily answer. He has a hygienist going on mat leave who works mon-thurs. Perfect. He showed me around the office a little and said he believes in taking the time to do a good job and really take care of the patient (just what I wanted to hear as a new grad. Take your time and do a good job). The office is also an old house converted into an office, which he likes because it gives a more welcoming and family and friends kind of feeling - I completely agree. The whole time it seemed like I pretty much had the job. But I did know he had another girl to interview because he told me so. So I didn't want to get my hopes up too much. He said he'd call me in a couple days.
Later that day my phone broke. Just up and stopped working. Dead. Forever. I was devastated and so paranoid that an office was going to try to call me to offer an interview and I was going to miss out on potential employment. Worse yet, I was paranoid Dr. Chai was going to try and call me back to offer me the position and I wouldn't get it because he wouldn't be able to get ahold of me. So...
Day 6: I wrote a little note that essentially said:
Hi Dr. Chai, my phone broke yesterday so here is another number you can reach me at if you need to in the next couple days, you should be able to reach me on my cell phone again hopefully by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks again for the interview. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of your office and the caring and fun attitude of yourself and the others in the office. I would love an opportunity to work in your office. Sincerely, Cathy.
I dropped it off with the receptionist and went skating.
When I was done skating, I got back in my car and looked at Bonnie's phone (because I had stopped by her house and borrowed it because she's in Dubai and not using it) and saw two missed calls from numbers that weren't in her phone. Then I read a text from Lauren (the only person that knew I had Bonnie's phone) that said that Dr. Chai was trying to call me! Ahhhhh who knew he was going to call THAT day?! I shoulda just stayed at home and sat by the phone! And then I got a text from Lauren that said, "You got the job!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was the happiest person alive at that exact moment. I laughed and screamed and whooped and almost cried and said a hundred thank you prayers and then I cranked my music and dance partied all the way home. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 7: I went over and discussed things with Dr. Chai and sealed the deal. Count it. 7 days! I am the luckiest girl alive. I am so so so so ridiculously blessed. I must have done something right after all.


  1. CATHY!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and glad that your sweaty phone did not come between you and the job.

  2. They call you Lady Luck... but there is room for doubt.

  3. Brittney, shhhhh.
    Pom pom, doubt not fear not.