Sunday, January 3, 2010

Traditional Tea Party

(Hey roomies, we need to find a place like this in Edmonton because it was so cute and too fantastic!)

We had a tea party last year to break in Lynnae's new china.
We had a tea party this year at the Jasmine Room because we loved last year's tea party so much, but Lynnae's china is still boxed up from the move so she recommended this place.
It is officially an annual tradition.
Thank you Lynnae.
I love traditions.

The Jasmine Room has literally hundreds of teas and they mix them all themselves. And the charm of the place... oh it's so great.
Just the four of us gals sitting around, sipping tea, telling stories about our lives and catching up.
So fun.
Next year let's dress up?!


  1. AGREED> Dressing up would make it even funner.

  2. This looks so fun! Please invite me next time! Haha.

  3. Forget finding a place- we should set up our own! We are unemployed looking for a nice little hobby... this can be it! We can set it up in our garage? Or maybe in the Institute. We can have a room in the basement and charge people to come in and drink herbal tea and enjoy our company. This is a cunning plan.

  4. Devo I like the way you think. Brilliant.