Wednesday, February 3, 2010

now, lets get one thing straight...

....are these guys?
because i would consider dating the one with the handlebar mustache. 

we've watched it at least 37 times today.
try not to.



  1. What the heck is this?
    I laughed really hard.
    But then thought how creepy this actually is.
    As if 3 grown men decided this was the best use of their time and the 1:07 minutes of fame they chose to have.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh I cannot get enough.
    It just rocks that much more every time.
    I love the mustache man. He even puts in all the little manerisms and details.
    The hips.
    The shimmy.

  3. Hahahah.. Im so glad you finally found this video after I kept telling you to watch it over and over... it rocks and yes they are creepily attractive!