Friday, April 23, 2010

First time for everything

It has been a long time coming,
but I finally did it,
I finally drove to Saskatoon.
It was my first trip to the toon,
and now I can't figure out why
it took me so long to get there.

It was a great weekend as far as weather goes too, which may have added to the greatness I attribute to Saskatoon, because it was the first hot weekend of the year. And I love all things hot:

So the fact that the sun was hot and shining and we did such things as played soccer and football, went to a walk-in DQ, and had a bbq while lounging and tanning on the balcony... definitely contributed to my love of the weekend and my first time in Saskatoon.

Another first occurred Friday afternoon.
I was Trent's patient.

Even after being a clinical teacher for the U of A's 2nd year dental students and knowing how chaotic it is and how little they know - I still got in the chair.
Trent is brilliant though, so I really wasn't afraid.
And I put a lot of trust in the fact that he kinda likes me and would therefore do his very best and try very hard not to hurt me - especially because he knows I know what he's doing.

It was a great afternoon. We even made friends with the middle-aged dental hygienist who didn't used to like Trent because she thought he was a slacker and didn't respect dental hygienists. Turns out, once she knew he was dating one, all the wrath melted away and she became very friendly and ended up finding some burnished calculus on the mesial of my 33 (that's a shout out to my dentally inclined friends - sorry to the rest of you) and got rid of it for me and my papilla was already looking much better even by Sunday.

We went 5 pin bowling Friday night with a great crew and had a friendly competition between couples (dating or strangers, we paired everyone up) and Trent and I totally dominated. But that wasn't a first :)

Side story: I was totally kicking Trent's butt (because yes I was secretly competing with my partner) the entire first game, right up to the final frame. Somehow in that 10th frame he managed to not only catch up, but beat me. Seriously?! I was so frustrated and shocked. I had been schooling him. I don't know how he managed to pull out that win. Dang luck.

So Saskatoon isn't that bad, I really quite liked it even. Okay I loved it.


  1. I laughed out loud at all the "hot" things you like. I like that a lot. Hot boys... you are hilarious. And burnished calculus you say. Nice catch old DH.

  2. I just was told I was on your blog! And I am! And it makes me happy! Thank you for making me happy, cathy frache!