Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Colourful Night

Not a lot of pics because I was a little pre-occupied, but it was a good night.

I love a lot of things and a good reason to dress up is one of them; be it costume or ball gown, I'll take it. So I didn't quite have a ball gown on hand... but some girls did.

We had a great committee put together, how I got made co-chair is beyond me.

Lindsay was in charge of decorations and she is brilliant. She came to our second meeting with full sketches of how the gym would look. And it looked good. Even in sketch form. Several exhausting hours later and 12 too many trips up and down the giant ladder, the gym started to look like the sketches.

Full with red carpet and piano man at the entrance (I just don't have a pic of the piano man because I actually never had a chance to go out to the entrance night of... kinda sad really - hope it was grand)

Why didn't I ever get to see the entrance? Well as it turns out being made co-chair turned into being made co-mc.

But don't worry, busy as the night was, there is always time for a little photo opp...

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