Wednesday, December 16, 2009

chastity kitties

as previously mentioned, our furnace broke this weekend, the coldest day in the history of the world. for real. cathy talked a little bit about our interventions to keep the precious warmth inside the walls of our home. we stuffed blankets and towels in the cracks of doors and windows. last year, when our furnace broke for the first time, the previous roommates and i came up with this brilliant idea to hang a sheet over the back entry, thereby keeping out all the nasty cold that comes rushing through our ridiculously drafty door. (the house is a hundred years old. what're you gonna do?)

on sunday afternoon, i ran upstairs to fetch a blanket with which to replicate this process. i found an old set of sheets for my single bed (i now sleep in a double. ooh la la.) and grabbed one.

these sheets are hideous. like, so ugly i don't even know where my mom found them. she sent them up to edmonton with me when i first moved here about two and half years ago. 

they're flannel.
they're off-white.
and they're covered in kitties. 
of various shapes and sizes and colours and patterns.
one is even wearing a bow tie.
we've all picked out our favourite kitties. amy is particularly fond of "homeless kitty" while i quite enjoy "obese bow tie wearing kitty."

i brought it downstairs and introduced it to my roommates, laughing about just how ugly it really is. (they've been stuffed in my closet for months.) i joked about how my mom probably sent them to edmonton with me to encourage me to keep the law of chastity. really. what boy would get in a bed with a girl who sleeps in flannel kitty sheets?

maybe sometime in the future we can post a photo of said kitty sheets!!

p.s. now amy & i are going to drink egg nog hot chocolate and watch glee re runs.
where are you, cathy & bethany?


  1. Bahahahaha oh the chastity kitties. If you look in the background of me, Lauren, and Amy cuddling in the nest you can sneak peak the said kitties. I'm sad I'm not there tonight, but I'm decorating sugar cookies with my family tonight and watching a Christmas movie.

  2. Chastity kittens you say? I might need to see these in real life color.