Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My favourite place on earth

Waterton really is heaven on earth. It is the one place in the world I always want to be. I will take any and every opportunity to go to Waterton and would stay forever if I thought I could. One day I will.

Tuesday was my first winter excursion of the season and we could not have had a more perfect day. We all piled in the suburban (Scott, Bonnie, Melissa, Amy, Trent, John, and I) and hit the highway to heaven.

Of course the Leishman cabin was freezing upon arrival so we started the fire and space heater and sat around cuddled in blankets, while we kept piling the fire up. Then the fun began.

We bundled up, piled back into the suburban and headed to red rock road. Trent and I took the time to put on snowshoes, which I still stand by was a great idea and I don't know how everyone else went without, and hiked up red rock road to see if we could find some good sledding hills.
(Side note: Scott thinks my jacket is hideous. I think it is awesome.)

The big hill that everyone loves to speed over didn't turn out to be the greatest sledding hill, the snow was deep and the hill wasn't steep enough - which was surprising because in a vehicle it always seems pretty steep. But John was on a mission and we ended up sledding down from the side of the road toward the creek. John was the real sledding machine, but Bonnie had a great couple runs too...

Now watch that video again and watch the sled go up and over and disappear. There is a cliff directly behind the brush. Keep that in mind.

Story Time #1:

Speaking of Bonnie... well she is such a nicknameable person. I mean, Bon Tron, Bonster, Bon Diggity, Bonspiel, Bon Quay Quay, Boniqua, Boninator... the list is endless of simply fantastic nicknames. Well here's another: Bad-Idea-Bonnie.

Bonnie had just thrown a touque on for the day and her hair may have been suffering from it...

So what does she say? "I'll just rub snow in it to fix it!" - Bad Idea Bonnie
Though it was thoroughly entertaining, so not a complete loss.

Melissa helped her out in the end. She's a good friend like that. I just killed over laughing.

There is just something magical about Waterton that makes everything good and okay in the world - and photogenic too.
(even despite Bonnie's antics)
Here are a couple more favourites from a perfect day:

Story Time #2:

Back to sledding.
So Scott decided to dive head first on the sled.
The result?
Lost keys and cell phone.
Really Scott? I feel like you've been through this before...
Bonnie suggested prayer; I suggested we call his cell phone, which this crew then heard vibrating in the snow miraculously, so they started digging.

Clark found the cell phone and Melissa kept digging around in the area and found the keys!
It was a Waterton miracle!

Clark is so happy he found the phone, and Melissa is stoked she found the keys.
We were all so relieved... and impressed.

Story Time #3:
(Remember the sled in the video?)
Melissa and I decided to go for a run on the sled together.
We knew we needed to bail before the brush.
We knew their was a cliff on the other side of the brush.
We didn't anticipate how fast we would be going with both of our weight and inertia.
We didn't realize how early we should start trying to bail.
We didn't bail.
We flew over the cliff.
I landed. Melissa landed. On me.
We tumbled and slid a little further.
We got owned.
Melissa's entire left side got jacked.
My left snowshoe and boot got ripped off and my right ankle got jacked.
We laid their killing ourselves laughing for so long, in shock and pain and hysteria.
We had dropped a significant ways without touching the snow above us.
Trees in front of us almost killed us.
I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Really, it's only fun and games if someone gets hurt.
My life moto: Go big or go home.

Trent was a good person and carried me most of the way back despite my insistance that I could make it myself. I think mostly he just couldn't stand my pathetic snowshoe limping.

Back at the cabin, the fire still had embers, so we stoked it back up and cuddled in together to enjoy some of mamma Leish's chili and baked potatoes, and of course hot chocolate.
All in all a glorious day.
I even got queen treatment for the ride home - so that I could keep my foot elevated, of course.

Merry Christmas!

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