Saturday, December 19, 2009

Introducing the "Craft Corner"

Welcome to Craft Corner at the Castle!
We have so many great ideas for the new year that from time to time the Craft Corner will let you in on what we're doing and give us some place to share new ideas with each other.

I came home for Christmas, which means I have plenty of free time, and something about being home and it being Christmas just makes a person feel much more crafty doesn't it?
Maybe that's just me...
Well I had an ADD moment which resulted in this rag quilt being made yesterday. Most spontaneous crafty moment, but I love that I did it!

I had extra fabric left over from a big quilt I made and tied with my grandma this summer and was looking at it, contemplating making a pillow case or something, when the thought occurred to me that there was probably enough fabric to make a small blanket - and I had always wanted to make a rag quilt, so I started measuring the fabric and drawing squares, and though Michelle thought I was crazy, she's quite impressed with my little project as well.


  1. cathy! this is so awesome!

    i got some supplies, and me and amy came up with the BEST craft idea, ever. we will all do it together when everyone is home!!

  2. Oh I am SO EXCITED! What is it what is it??

  3. hahaha hey now...I didnt think this idea was crazy....I thought the fact that you talked about like 5 things in two seconds was hilarious and so ADD!

  4. Mmm holy crap. I dont even know you. That is amazing. Good work team.

  5. I cannot believe that you just made that. Ridiculous... Ridiculous.