Friday, December 18, 2009

today was a good day

- My parents went up to Calgary to fix ex-boyfriend #1's car (my dad's just that good of a guy)
- I ended up visiting ex-boyfriend #2's family with Melissa's mom because we got to Calgary really early so she wanted to swing by Airdrie to visit her sister, AKA ex's mom (ex stayed discreetly in the basement, can't blame him, but I did have a fun chat with his brother who I found out is working with ex-boyfriend #1 - how ironic)
- I had a lovely text conv with boyfriend #3 on the car ride home (I'll see him on Sunday at church, excellent).

All in all a great day I think.

The actual greatness of the day: MELISSA IS HOME! And I could not be more thrilled!
She thinks I've changed.
She thinks I'm trendy.
She thinks I have new friends that won't like her.
All bold-faced lies.

Today was a good day.


  1. ...i wish i could remember the order of your men so i knew who was which number. i think i know number three...

    and tell melissa i already think she's rad.

  2. The numbers aren't actually relevent to order of relationship or break-up, I just numbered them in order that they appeared in my day, sorry.

    And you just told Melissa. I guarantee she read it.

  3. you texted boyfriend #3 on the way home....really? i will not let you tutor him this christmas, even if he does think i'm getting more normal.

    and melissa - i'm not trendy, and i never don't worry.

  4. hahahha... Lauren. This comment made me very happy. Cathy. hahahhaha... you know me too well.. though I did hold off all day til this moment. Bonnie... I feel like the world is starting to realize how amazing you are and as such your stock is rising. But I like that you dont change.

  5. Bonnie - in my defence, he struck up the conv. And I'm with Melissa, your stock is rising.

    For the record I never change either!
    (I thought the whole bold-faced lies comment made that clear...)