Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy Fight Night

Just in case you were worried I wasn't well-rounded, here's a little piece of Southern Alberta Christmas Spirit for you: "The Christmas Clash". I haven't been to a fight night since grade 11, when I was right at the front of the circle and someone took a hit to the nose and splattered blood all over my pants - yep. I don't believe another one has occurred since then - until Saturday.

Saturday night was a throw-back to the good 'ol days in high school. And honestly, I don't think anywhere else in the world could have a fight night like SoAB can. These guys all grew up together and have been friends, friends of friends, or sports rivals since birth. This fact alone allows everything to be left on the mat, and we're all still friends at the end of the night no matter who beat who. I give the guys credit too, because it was all quite controlled and refereed - just good, clean... fighting.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't actually really enjoy watching two guys pound the brains out of each other, but nonetheless it was fun to be with my girls and see all the old crowd and just love SoAB and all that comes with it.

So from me to you, here's a little look into the underground mormon scene in SoAB.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight night!

One of my favourites: Tanner vs. Braeden AND Alan. Tanner's just that tough.

The double-team might appear to have the upper-hand...

But don't count Tanner out too soon. (How he got back up, I have no idea.)

Braeden can't possibly be getting too much oxygen at this point...

Obviously no winner was declared, but let's face it - it was Tanner.

Next up, my good friend Dan. The guy he's fighting is apparently a hardcore semi-trained of some sort pseudo-pro or something-or-other. Either way Dan was probably out of his league... but don't tell an Osmond that. They fight like they've got nothing to lose. (Seriously -->)

We're a little afraid... I almost took a hit to the face once or twice in this fight...

And can I just take this moment to point out Dan's every rippling muscle? Yeah I said it, you know you were going to comment on it anyways.

Dan didn't win the fight, but I'm sure he'll win the war.

Last fight of the night, Tanner vs. Super-Hardcore
It was a decent last fight, fairly hit for hit.

Tanner was wearing him down though...

But don't ever let down your guard, this guy meant business.

The real struggle of the night? Getting Bonnie's van out of the alley - pushing may have been involved.
The actual highlight of the night was Melissa stearing for Bonnie while she backed up out of the alley...

Oh Bonnie.
I can always count on two things with Bonnie:
1) A scream
2) A good time

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