Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of my many loves

I cannot wait to see this movie! My sister and I are going to go see it asap. You should know right now that I have a deep love of sports movies and an even deeper love of movies that are based on true stories; it just makes them that much more impressive and meaningful (I know, I know, "based on" doesn't mean even half of the story is true but I love it and ignore that possibility). I also have a devoted love of rugby. Put these three things together and you have this movie: Invictus. Love.

Also, I really really want to see The Blindside. I have heard only brilliant things about it. I have a feeling that this Christmas break will involve a lot of watching.


  1. Cathy! Go watch The Blindside RIGHT NOW.
    You will cry your little eyes out. a good way.
    It's AMAZING.

  2. Okay well Invictus down - SO GOOD. Blindside to go. Perhaps for FHE.